Alpaca in New Zealand

Estimating Shearing Costs

So what goes into the price we quote for shearing your alpaca?

Some outfits charge per alpaca, plus travel and extras. Other shearing establishments charge a flat rate for shearing, then charge additional for foot trimming, teeth trimming etc.

On average the cost comes out about the same per alpaca. If you are shearing one alpaca or 100 alpacas, it takes the same amount of time per alpaca to do.

There are many hidden costs involved in a shearing business. The obvious costs are paying the shearer and their teams.

The on-road expenses for alpaca shearers are costly as they will travel extensively. Take into account fuel, car maintenance, additional labour, accommodation, food, equipment etc.

Shearers and their teams will work for 3-4 months on the road and at your farms, They will spend at least 2-3 months, pre-season, calling and organising the shearing runs for the up and coming season. This is unpaid work.

Often alpaca owners will accommodate their shearers. Shearpac cannot thank these people enough for their hospitality and generosity.
Please contact us for your costs, to shear. This will vary slightly, from place to place, and is estimated on the number of animals, nail clipping, teeth and vaccination requirements.

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