Alpaca shearing

Alpaca Shearing Services

Over the years Shearpac has built up significant knowledge and experience to offer the following high quality, professional alpaca services to farms across New Zealand.

Alpaca Shearing

Shearing alpaca typically happens once a year, usually Spring, when the weather is warm, summer is imminent and the alpaca are likely to feel the effects of the heat. They can be shorn, however, at any time of the year as long as shelter is available if the weather turns cold.

Shearpac uses the 9 cut system (ground shearing system) as our experience shows this to be the best technique there is, to date. We’ve spent five years trying out various shearing techniques, including several different ground methods and using the table for shearing. We've established that the 9 cut system is the most effective and we know you will be assured of the same once you've witnessed your own animals going through the procedure with little to no hassle. 

We also use two shearing stations as we've found this set up offers the following benefits:
  • It allows the Alpaca owners sufficient time to clean up fleece that remains in the shearing area prior to the next animal being shorn. This is important to many Alpaca owners as they are focused on not mixing colors or various fleece together.
  • There is less stress on the animals. Because the shearer is working on another animal, this is giving handlers sufficient time to bring the next animal in, lay them down and prepare them for shearing in a slow relaxing way, without rushing and handling the animals in a uncontrolled manner.
  • The Alpaca shearer does not have a break between animals and this often results in more clean and efficient shearing. We are able to shear an animal in sub four minutes safely, cleanly and without stress. Alpaca shearing is NOT a race and the system we use has been developed to ensure less time shearing so as to avoid stress and muscle fatigue for the animal.
Safety and gentle handling of any alpaca is our main concern.

Our track record speaks for itself - we are skilled professionals who can deal with alpaca herds of any size.

You can see us at work in our photo gallery.

Read an article about how we estimate shearing costs.

Foot trimming

We trim toe nails while your alpacas are restrained using foot trimming equipment that we provide.

Please enquire about this on site with your Shearer or the Headman on Shearing Day.

Teeth cutting & Incisor Grinding

We can provide dental care when required. 

Please enquire about this on site with your Shearer or the Headman on Shearing Day.

Alpaca Injections

Shearpac can administer injections during shearing. We do not carry any of the vaccines or needles so you will need to acquire these from your local vet, prior to shearing day. 

You will need to ask your Shearer on the day when is the best time to administer your injections. They will advise you when is best so as not effect the shearing schedule.

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